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About Us


Combined Energies, Inc. specializes in designing, building, and maintaining indoor swimming pool facilities. We were originally incorporated as Combined Energy Systems in 1980, and reincorporated as Combined Energies, Inc. in 2019. The company initially engaged in the design and installation of innovative solar, wind and geo-thermal heating and cooling systems, as well as designing and constructing energy-efficient solar homes, a number of which included indoor swimming pools. The design and construction of indoor swimming pools has proven to be both a challenging and satisfying type of construction for us.
We have now been designing, building and maintaining indoor swimming pools for over 40 years! When we started out, we installed numerous types of ventilation, heating, and de-humidification systems to determine the optimal systems that are effective in demanding indoor swimming pool environments. We also experimented with various insulation materials, vapor barriers, interior finishes, paints, and other construction materials to determine which assemblies performed best in humid pool room conditions. These experiments allowed us to acquire valuable experience along the way, resulting in our ability to design, construct and maintain robust structures that withstand the harsh rigors prominent in humid indoor swimming pool environments. As our business has grown, we have had the opportunity to design, construct and maintain many different types of indoor pools for demanding residential and institutional clients, including the unique swimming pool needs of hospitals, schools, universities, assisted living facilities, and private clubs.
Today, our experienced staff can provide the specialized design, technical, and construction skills needed when constructing your indoor swimming pool facility. We also offer complete maintenance and service programs for your pool, spa, and related equipment. We serve the entire New England area, providing experienced service with exceptional design and the highest quality construction.
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